The Elms

Approximate Reading Time: 4 Minute(s)
It was midsummer. A farm child knew all the signs. The lawns, gardens, and planting fields were dry. My father set up his homemade pump engine at the edge of the farm pond, sputtering water in an arc over the big tomato patch. In the...

A One-Room Schoolhouse

Approximate Reading Time: 5 Minute(s)
In the soft September air the flag hung limply on its white pole in front of our small school building, a symbol that once more we were consigned to the halls of learning. A new school year had begun a week ago as we climbed...

Back To School

Approximate Reading Time: 5 Minute(s)
Going back to school meant new leather shoes. My father would bring them home from the city. They were always the right size, because he had drawn around my foot on a piece of paper before he left. I had a new middy dress, cut...

Until The End

Approximate Reading Time: 5 Minute(s)
As often happens on a sheep farm, one year there was a lamb whose mother refused to claim it. This particular ewe had triplets; while the latter two offspring were making their way into the world, the firstborn lamb drifted away, becoming mixed in with the other mothers-to-be....

As The World Wags

Approximate Reading Time: 5 Minute(s)
It was bound to happen—a pet food company has come up with a “lite” canned food for overweight dogs. Dieting has touched the life of just about every American at one time or another; could we do any less for man’s best friend? It’s not the fault...


Buster was with me, circling around, joyfully grateful for a morning jaunt and the pieces of cheese I used to lure him on. He had never liked the deep woods, always turning tail as the trees closed in. Perhaps he smelled the bobcat reputed to live in this timber land, a forest so vast you could walk straight out for an hour before coming to the other side.

Flower of the Forest